The Best Air Conditioning Filters for Allergies

When it comes to choosing the best air conditioning filter for allergies, the Ultra Allergen Filtrete is my top pick. To make the right decision, you need to understand how to choose the best HVAC filter. An air conditioning filter with a MERV rating of 11 or higher can effectively capture up to 75% of allergens circulating in your home. Filters with a rating of 17 or higher are even more effective at blocking allergens, but they also reduce airflow. The market offers many allergy-reducing HVAC filters, but these particular types are best suited for capturing pollen, dander, dust, and pollutants in the air that cause allergies.

If you want the efficiency of a disposable oven filter but want the option to wash it for better performance and longer life, then hybrid models are ideal. This filter is made with 3M 3-in-1 technology that traps particles in the air to prevent them from circulating in your environment. Thicker filter furnaces tend to have a longer service life and offer a lower static pressure for the system. The Filtrete Basic air filter for dust and lint is designed to reduce household dust, lint, and dust mite residues. Keep in mind that the higher the MERV rating, the higher the likelihood of an HVAC pressure drop also increases, which means less airflow.

Available in various sizes and usually at a lower price than similar competitors, this pleated electret filter traps almost anything you'd breathe at home. If you're particularly concerned about allergen filtration, you should avoid basic, less expensive filters on sale. This particular filter can help prevent a variety of allergy-related problems such as asthma and seasonal allergies. First, these allergies require a filter with a higher MERV number that can capture small microscopic organisms and dust and lint. So what does “high-efficiency particulate air” mean? Only filters that are at the top in terms of efficiency have the HEPA label.

For this roundup of the best oven filters, I considered the most popular filters from leading brands such as 3M Filtrete and Honeywell Home.You can find HEPA filters made from a wide range of materials including synthetic fibers, glass fibers, and metal wools. The most basic disposable oven filters are made of fiberglass and only capture larger dust and dirt particles. One of the most important factors is the efficiency rating which indicates how well the filter captures tiny particles.

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