How Many Filters Are in Home AC Systems?

When it comes to home air conditioning systems, the general rule of thumb is that there should be one filter for each air handler. Most homes, especially those with multiple HVAC systems, have more than one air filter installed. These filters are usually placed near the oven or manipulator of the air conditioning system and return grilles. Central air inlets help filter contaminants to provide clean air, but filters offer additional removal.

Electrostatic filters clean the air by creating static electricity that acts like magnets that adhere dust and contaminants to the sheet. Media filters have a high MERV rating that competes with the filtration system of an expensive high-MERV filter, effectively eliminating microorganisms dangerous to health. By changing both filters on a regular schedule, you can help prevent allergies and reduce the chances of damage building up inside your central air system. However, the most common type of filter is not popular with homeowners due to its low filter quality.

A filterless heat pump system can cause buildup in the evaporator coils, causing condensation and clogging. It's common knowledge that you need to replace air filters regularly, and if you don't, damage and costly repairs often result in your HVAC system. Commonly used in HVAC — R, orange polyester antimicrobial rolls provide a more durable solution you can use to replace filters over time and excellent mold prevention. Although you can usually find air filters near manipulators and ventilation grilles, you can sometimes find them elsewhere.

Either way, make a habit of inspecting your filter and your entire HVAC system for optimal and consistent results. There are several types of HVAC units and each may require the filter to be installed differently. However, unless you're worried about having to replace the filter ahead of time, you can also set up a calendar reminder to ensure that your home's air filters are changed regularly.

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